What is a permit required for?
  • New residential and commercial buildings, additions and structures
  • Interior alterations (including finished basements) except new floors, carpet, paint, trim work
  • Porches and decks (including alterations to existing)
  • New and replacement gas appliances and/or supply lines
  • New and replacement HVAC equipment
  • New plumbing fixtures
  • New electric appliances
  • Sheds and playhouses over 256 square feet - A zoning permit will be required whether over or under the 256 square feet
  • Swimming pools
  • Roof sheathing replacements over 256 square feet, unless decking was required at the time of original construction to be fire-retardant-treated or protected in some other way to form a fire-rated wall termination
  • New exterior stairs or stoops
  • Demolition of buildings, structures, pools, or fuel tanks
  • Sump pumps
  • Tents over 900 square feet
  • Fire Suppression equipment and lines
  • Signs - see Signs tab for more information
  • Cross connections for boilers, irrigations systems and new commercial buildings.
  • Electric car charging equipment
  • Changes of occupancy or use group of a commercial space
  • Movement of a lot line
  • Or, any other requirements listed under Section 108.1 of the Virginia Construction Code or the Virginia Residential Code

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