What else should I bring with me the first day?

The most important thing you will need for the academy is a positive attitude! The academy is tough but many recruits have completed training before you. Think of the academy as the foundation for building your career and work hard to make it a strong foundation. The academy staff is here to help you get the most out of your training experience. If you have any questions please contact us at (540) 375-3095.

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1. What else should I bring with me the first day?
2. When do I start and how do I get there?
3. What will my training day be like?
4. How should I dress for the first day?
5. Do I need to bring any supplies the first day?
6. Does the academy have any rules I need to know about?
7. How tough is the physical fitness training?
8. How can I get ready for the physical fitness training?
9. I'm a little out of shape, should I just start working out?
10. What clothes or equipment do I need to buy?
11. What is Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy and why do I go there for my training?