How does the Consent Order affect me?

We all share in the responsibility and cost of sewer maintenance. The Consent Order is an acknowledgment that there are problems with the City's sanitary sewer system that need to be fixed. The City of Salem employs a variety of methods to investigate, assess, maintain, repair, and replace sanitary sewer facilities. Some of these activities may result in traffic delays due to temporary lane closures. Current work locations that are potentially affected by the Consent Order can be found in the sidebar on the City's main website page - The City of Salem Facebook feed.

Sanitary sewer overflows have the potential to contaminate the land and water we use for recreation. The City is following a Corrective Action Plan aimed at eliminating overflows. This plan benefits everyone by reducing inflow and infiltration (I and I), which in turn reduces the cost of wastewater treatment. It also reduces the likelihood of a sewage backup in a home.

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1. What is the Consent Order?
2. How does the Consent Order affect me?
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