What Signs are Exempt from Having a Permit?
  • Official traffic signs.
  • Signs erected by the City of Salem including regulatory signs.
  • Real estate signs which advertise the sale, rental, or lease of the premises upon which such signs are located only, not exceeding six square feet in area in residential districts and not exceeding 32 square feet in area in any other district.
  • Temporary signs, as approved as a grand opening event by the City Manager, or his designee, in accordance with Section 66-105 Permitted Signs (Temporary Signs).
  • Non-illuminated incidental signs, including incidental window signs, not exceeding 2 square feet. "Open" signs may be illuminated.
  • Minor signs: Minor signs shall not be electronic nor illuminated.No minor sign may include commercial messaging.No minor sign shall be located on public property or in the right-of-way. Minor signs shall not exceed 24 square feet. Minor signs shall include:
    • Political campaign signs.
    • Temporary directional signs.
    • Signs inside a building or other enclosed facility that are not meant to be viewed from the outside, and are located greater than three feet from the window.
    • Holiday and other temporary seasonal decorations.
    • Personal expression and ideological signs.
    • Address signs stating address, number and/or name of occupants of the premises.
    • Security and warning signs -These limitations shall not apply to the posting of conventional "no trespassing" signs in accordance with state law.
    • Private drive signs.
    • Signs denoting the architect, engineer or contractor, when placed upon work under construction.
  • Flags, containing commercial messaging, shall be considered temporary signs. See Section 66-105(A).
    • Flags and flagpoles shall not be located within any right-of-way unless meets the requirements of Allowed Encroachments as prescribed by the Handbook to Downtown Salem.
    • Flags, containing commercial messaging, shall be considered temporary signs. See Section 66-105(A).
  • Memorial signs or tablets, names of buildings, and date of construction when cut into any masonry surface or when constructed of bronze or other incombustible materials.
  • Signs which are a permanent architectural feature of a building or structure existing at the time of adoption of this ordinance.
  • Art and murals, provided such signs do not contain any commercial messaging.
  • Vehicular signs that meet the following conditions:
    • The primary purpose of such a vehicle or trailer is not the display of signs.
    • The signs are magnetic, decals or painted upon an integral part of the vehicle or equipment as originally designed by the manufacturer, and do not break the silhouette of the vehicle.
    • The vehicle is in operating condition, currently registered and licensed to operate on public streets when applicable, and actively used in the daily function of the business to which such signs relate.
    • The vehicle is not parked within 20 feet of the right-of-way.

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