Letter From Director

On behalf of the Governing Council, Executive Board and Academy staff, I would like to welcome you to Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy's web page. We are committed to providing quality training to all criminal justice professionals. We strive to achieve this by basing all we do on our established Mission and Value Statements.

The Mission Statement of Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy

To provide participating and visiting jurisdictions with the highest achievable quality of criminal justice training. What we seek to do and to become is at the core of the mission statement. A mission statement also allows us to maintain direction, eliminate complacency and remain focused on our goals.

The Value Statement

Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy is made up of dedicated professionals, committed to a team concept to creatively solve problems and assist police agencies in training.

We believe in:

  • Providing and maintaining the highest and most frequent level of training, we as a group can provide.
  • The courage to do what is right.
  • Fairness, compassion and approachability in the performance of our duties.
  • Striving for continuous improvement.

The value statement tells the stakeholders the manner in which we will conduct our business and deliver services. It is at the very core of who we are. Even if we err, we will have the courage to acknowledge our mistake and act in a way that ensures it will not be repeated.

Our Academy has been preparing individuals for careers in law enforcement, corrections, civil process, court security, communications officer and animal control since 1983. In our more than 25-year proud history of providing excellence in law enforcement training, thousands of our graduates have gone on to successful law enforcement careers and have distinguished themselves by performing at the highest levels of our profession.

The Academy is governed by a Governing Council, which is comprised of the chief administrative officers, police chiefs, and sheriffs from each Academy member agency. The Executive Director oversees the day-to-day operations of the Academy. Our participating agencies continue to place a premium on high quality law enforcement training as evidenced by their ongoing and significant resource allocations to the Academy through funding and use of key personnel as instructors during all levels of training.

The Academy serves thirty six law enforcement agencies: The current sworn officer population exceeds 1500 personnel. We will strive to maintain high quality training to all officers from our participating agencies so that they can better serve the public-safety needs of all residents in our communities. We welcome and encourage feedback from our student population regarding the quality of all our training programs so that we can continue to improve our courses and provide the very best and most needed training classes.

Gary K. Moore
Executive Director