Sewer Rates

There are hereby established these customer classes and rates for the consumption of sewer utility services within the City of Salem effective July 1, 2010.

Consumer Classes

  • Residential, generally characterized as serving single-family residential households regardless of the level of consumption
  • Small Commercial, a business entity that utilizes less than 75,000 gallons per month
  • Large Commercial, business entities both commercial or industrial using in excess of 75,000 gallons per month
  • Multi-Unit, those customers both residential and small commercial with more than one housing unit or business location served by a single meter

Sewer Base Service Fee

TypeJan 2021Jan 2024
Small Commercial$45.41$46.77
Large Commercial$90.82$93.54

Sewer Volume Rate Per 1000 Gallons Used

January 2021
January 2024
First 5,000 GPM$5.39$5.55
5,000 to 10,000 GPM$5.39$5.55
10,000 to 75,000 GPM$5.39$5.55
All over 75,000 GPM$5.39$5.55

GPM = Gallons Per Month

Sewer Non-User Fees

Non-User Fees are fees charged to customers if service is available to the property, whether or not they use this utility.

January 2021
January 2024
32% of 5,000 GPM Residential Rate$14.40$14.83

Please Note

All consumers who purchase from the City only a part of the water consumed or used by them and all persons who purchase or acquire water from any other source, regardless, shall pay based on such volume as set forth above as would have been assessed against such consumers had they been furnished all their water from the City's water system for disposal of industrial sewage. In order to determine the amount of water used by such consumers, regardless of its source, when less than the entire amount of water so used is furnished through the City's water system, such customers shall install water meters of a type currently used by the City's Water and Sewer Department, so that the same may be read in like manner as the City water meters are now read, and the proper charge for industrial sewage can be fixed and determined on a monthly basis as if such water had actually been purchased each month from the City at the City's prevailing rates, and in addition thereof, the surcharges as are provided for in the subdivision.