Leaf Collection Policy

Street Department crews will continue to collect loose leaves at the curbside on their normal runs October 23 through December 29, 2023.

From January 2 through March 8, crews will collect leaves on an "as needed" basis ONLY. During this time period, residents must notify the Street Department at 375-3039, in order to schedule a loose leaf pick-up time.

The City has invested in automated leaf trucks to make this process quicker and more efficient, however, these machines cannot handle sticks, branches, twigs, stumps, logs, lumber, garbage or any other debris which can cause damage to the vehicle. We will not collect leaf piles with other materials in them! Please keep your brush, garbage and leaf piles separated. Also, please DO NOT cover your water meter with leaves, as it can be damaged during collection.

Plus, our automated trucks make it difficult, if not impossible, to effectively collect leaves in Salem's tight alleyways. We ask that you to only pile loose leaves along our streets.

Loose leaves will not be collected after March 8, 2024. After that time, they must be bagged or boxed in order to be picked up. Thanks for doing your part to make this a smooth process for all.

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