Civil Process

The Salem City Sheriff's Office handled 30,650 papers in the 2021 to 2022 fiscal year. 

In addition to the civil process served,Deputy posting a notice on front door the Sheriff's Office collected $2,241 in fees and $7,290 in Sheriff sales.

For assistance scheduling or help understanding the eviction process, please contact us at 540-375-3040.

To determine if an address is located within the City of Salem, please utilize the Salem Real Estate Search or call 540-375-3040 for assistance. In-state services are $12 per service and out-of-state services are $75 per service.

When submitting papers for service, please provide an original for the return of service, a copy, and a self-addressed return envelope with postage included.

Notice - There will be a $12 fee (per defendant) assessed to serve a 72-hour notice to tenants on a writ of eviction. Should the eviction need to be rescheduled at the plaintiff's request, additional fees will be assessed. These fees are made payable to the Salem Sheriff's Office via cash or check.

Please see the handbooks for assistance with jury duty, evictions, or leviesSheriff working on computer in office.

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