Salem Bike Route

Map of the Salem Bike Route.

The Salem Bike Route is an 11.2-mile round-trip course designed for all ages and skill levels. Please observe all traffic regulations while enjoying the course.

Directions: From Longwood Park go left onto Monroe St then take right onto Craig Avenue; left on Cleveland, cross Thompson Memorial Drive; right on High Street; left on Hawthorn Road; left on N Broad Street; right on Delaney Lane; left on Academy; right on Taylor Avenue; left on Blair Street; left on Lewis Avenue; cross West Main Street; changes to Chestnut Street; left on 2nd Street; right on Union Street; right on Eddy Avenue; right on Front Avenue; left on Mulberry Street; right on Piedmont Avenue which turns into Riverside Drive; continue on Riverside to Mill Lane; left on Mill Lane; left on Cloyd Street; right on Ellison Avenue; left on Smythe Street; right on Twelve O'Clock Knob Road; turnaround at the fork at Powell Drive. Watch for the sign.

Return: From Twelve O'Clock Knob Road; left on Smythe Street; right on Ellison Avenue; left on Cloyd Street; Cloyd turns back into Mill Lane; follow Mill Lane to Spartan Drive; cross Main Street to Spartan Drive and turn right into the parking lot in front of K-mart; follow through the parking lot until you reach Goodwin Avenue; go right out of parking lot onto Goodwin then left on Richards Lane; left on North Bruffey Street; right on Logan Street; left on Valleydale Avenue; left on Highfield Road; right on West Carrollton Avenue; right on North Broad Street; left on Hawthorn Road; right on High Street; left on Clay Street; cross Thompson Memorial Drive; left on Craig; left on Monroe Street and then right into Longwood Park.