Preparing Subdivision Plats

Any time a property owner intends to divide land, move a property line, or combine multiple lots into one, a licensed surveyor in the Commonwealth of Virginia must prepare a subdivision plat.

  • If moving a property line and not creating a new lot, a boundary line adjustment plat must be submitted for review.
  • If removing interior lot lines and not creating any new lots, a vacation plat must be submitted.
  • If creating up to 5 lots (including the parent lot) a minor subdivision plat must be submitted.
  • If creating 6 or more lots or creating a public right-of-way a major subdivision plat must be submitted.
  • Major subdivisions must be approved by Planning Commission.
  • A preliminary plat is required for a major subdivision of 50 or more lots.
  • Subdivision site plans must be included with the final plat submission.

If you have any questions, please call Community Development and staff will be glad to assist you.

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