Stormwater Information

Salem Stormwater Management Plan

Salem, VA is located in the southwestern region of Virginia. Salem is a diverse city celebrating 200 years of community. Currently, Salem has 24,635 residents and many of these residents inadvertently contribute to stormwater drainage pollution. Stormwater typically doesn't get treated before the runoff enters a waterway. The City of Salem's stormwater drainage system runs directly into the Roanoke River. The Roanoke River provides drinking water to the residents of Salem. Many people aren't aware of the different types of pollution that go into these storm drains. Environmental education programs are essential to the health of the Roanoke River and to the biodiversity of the area.

NPDES Information

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring cities to adhere to a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System or NPDES. Due to the size of Salem, it must adhere to Phase II of the stormwater program. Phase II contains public education and minimum control measures. Public education and outreach is important to a successful stormwater management program.

EPA Requirements Under Phase II Final Rule:

Implement a public education program to distribute educational materials to the community, or conduct equivalent outreach activities about the impacts of stormwater discharges on local waterbodies and the steps that can be taken to reduce stormwater pollution; and determine the appropriate best management practices (BMPs) and measurable goals for this minimum control measure.

How This Webpage Affects You

Salem is faced with meeting the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Phase II requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). In order to do so, Salem must raise public awareness so that residents can make better-informed decisions about water usage. Salem residents and businesses are responsible for making informed decisions that affect the Roanoke River and surrounding waterways. This webpage is here to help inform Salem of stormwater drainage.